Ask Us Anything!

On Wednesday May 22 at 3PM EST, our team is hosting a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” from the Arctic. A Reddit IAmA is an opportunity for you to ask us questions about our research and receive an almost immediate response. Anyone can read the questions and answers; you must create a username to post a question.

Our session will be live at 2PM and we’ll respond to questions for a few hours. The session will remain on Reddit once we’re done, check it out to see what kinds of topics we discussed.

Here’s our Reddit introduction — we look forward to answering your questions!

My name is Craig Aumack and I’m a scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Right now I’m on a National Science Foundation funded field expedition in the Arctic Circle, based out of Barrow, Alaska. My research team includes Lamont-Doherty colleagues Andy Juhl and Rebecca Fowler, and graduate student Kyle Kinzler from Arizona State University.

I study organisms that live in and just below Arctic sea ice to ascertain their contribution to marine food webs. These organisms comprise the base of the polar web, feeding larger marine organisms like fish, seals and whales. This information may provide a clearer understanding of the relationship among sea ice and communities in a changing Arctic ecosystem.

We’re here to answer questions about our research, what it’s like to live and work at an Arctic field camp and any other questions you may have.


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